Yorkshire terrier Puppies for Sale

Yorkshire Terrier
September 17, 2021
Country: India
Region: Delhi
City: Central Delhi
City area: Delhi
Address: Delhi

Most popular toy dog breed has one many fans with their devotion to their owners. Suitable as a appartment dog. Good for novice owners. It is a big dog in a small body. Mostly comes in black ,tan and silver-tan color. Buy only from responsible breeder who makes sure they are free from any gentic disease.

Phone Number: +91-9818705784
KCI Registered: Unverified
Strict Warning: Never pay in advance without see puppy/dog in your hand
सख्त चेतावनी: अपने हाथ में पिल्ला/कुत्ता देखे बिना कभी भी अग्रिम भुगतान न करें

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