KCI Registered Yorkshiere Terrier puppies for sale through all over India

Yorkshire Terrier
August 12, 2021
Country: India
Region: Manipur
City: Imphal
City area: Imphal
Address: Imphal

A newborn Yorkshire Terrier puppy is born black with tan points on the muzzle, above the eyes, around the legs and feet and toes, the inside of the ears, and the underside of the tail. Occasionally Yorkies are born with a white "star" on the chest or on one or more toes. Also, a few Yorkies are born with a red tint in their coat, but that is only when the parents also have this trait. It is also common to find white patch on one or more nails These markings fade with age, and are usually gone within a few months.

It may take three years or more for the coat to reach its final colour. The final colour is usually a black/grayish colour.

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KCI Registered: Unverified
Strict Warning: Never pay in advance without see puppy/dog in your hand
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