The Remarkable Journey of a Canine: How the Dog Discovered His Perfect Companion

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How The Dog Found Himself A New Master Question Answer

Our team is dedicated to offering precise NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Unit 2, “How the Dog Found Himself a New Master!” These solutions include answers to all the questions found in the Honeysuckle textbook. Our subject-matter experts have carefully created these solutions, ensuring that they align with the standards set by the CBSE board.

How the Dog Discovered a New Master: NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Unit 2

Before writing the answers, it is recommended to have a discussion with your partner about these questions.

Why did the dog have a desire to find a master? (1, 2). Rephrase this text in your own words without elaborating on the subject, just provide original content and nothing else. Write in English for India.

The dog desired a master as he grew weary of roaming alone and feeling intimidated by those who were more powerful than him. Consequently, he resolved to find a master who possessed unparalleled strength in the entire world.

Question 2: Whom did the dog initially select as his owner? What prompted him to abandon that particular owner? (3). Rephrase this content in your own words without elaborating on the subject matter; solely provide original text. Write in English for India.

The dog initially selected the wolf as his initial master. However, he decided to leave the wolf because the wolf was afraid of the bear. The dog desired to serve a master who possessed greater strength than anyone else on earth, which led him to part ways with the wolf.

Question 4: What was the reason behind his long-term loyalty towards the lion? (8). Rephrase this text using your own words without elaborating on the subject matter. Please provide original content in English for India.

The dog remained in the service of the lion for a considerable period since he had no grievances. His safety was assured as the lion held great power and no one dared to harm the dog.

Question 5 asks who the dog ultimately selected as his new master and the reason behind this choice.

The dog ultimately decided to make man his master. This decision was influenced by the fact that even the mighty lion, known for its ferocity, feared humans. This convinced the dog that humans were indeed the most powerful beings.

The story is about a dog who was once owned by a cruel master. The dog was mistreated and neglected, often left hungry and alone. One day, the dog decided to leave his old master behind in search of a new home. He wandered through forests and fields, facing various challenges along the way.

Over time, the bond between the man and the dog grew stronger. They became inseparable friends who shared many adventures together. The man gave the dog a sense of belonging that he had never experienced before.

With his new master, the dog found happiness and purpose in life. He no longer felt abandoned or mistreated but instead cherished for his companionship. Together they formed an unbreakable bond based on trust and mutual respect.

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In the realm of strength, there was a dog who surpassed all others. He was mightier than any other creature, including wolves and bears who feared humans. The dog considered himself to be his own master, akin to the power and authority of a lion.

This is the tale of a dog who once belonged to someone. However, he made up his mind to search for a new owner. Initially, he encountered a wolf but the wolf was scared of humans. The dog mistakenly believed that the bear would be an ideal master due to its strength. Eventually, the dog came across another individual who appeared to be very powerful and capable of becoming his new master.

He stayed with the lion for a long time. One day he realized that the lion was ———————––——————. To this day, the dog remains man’s best friend.

The tale revolves around a dog who was once independent and sought to find a master stronger than himself. Initially, he encountered a wolf but soon discovered that the wolf feared the mighty bear. Believing the bear to be the epitome of strength, the dog continued his search. Eventually, he came across a lion who appeared to possess unparalleled power.

The dog spent a considerable amount of time in the company of the lion. Eventually, he came to understand that the lion had a fear of humans. Since then, dogs have continued to be known as loyal companions and best friends to mankind.

A. The words in the provided box represent a significant quantity of something. Rephrase this statement using different wording, without elaborating on the subject matter; simply provide original text. Write in English for an Indian audience.

For example, ‘a herd of cows’ refers to many cows.

Complete each of the following phrases with a suitable word from the box.

In India, when it comes to groups of animals or people, there are several different terms used. These include school, fleet, brood, bundle, bunch, pack, flock and herd. Each term is specific to a particular type of animal or group and helps in identifying them correctly.

Below are the nouns formed by adding -ness or -ity to the given words. Some words require just -ty or -y.

1. Happiness

2. Kindness

3. Honesty

4. Generosity

5. Curiosity

6. Creativity

7. Loyalty

8. Integrity

9. Tranquility


Create nouns from the provided words by adding suffixes such as -ness, -ity, -ty, or simply using -y where appropriate.

There are six words that can be found in a horizontal direction, while the other six words can be found vertically.

Each of these words are adjectives that describe positive emotions or states.

Please read the following passage and complete the accompanying exercises. Afterward, fill in the family tree of dogs provided on the adjacent page.

The dog family belongs to the Carnivores, a diverse group of intelligent animals that feed on flesh and have backbones. This group includes bears, pandas, raccoons, cats, hyenas, and even seals. Within the dog or canine family, there are various wild species such as wolves, foxes, coyotes, jackals, and wild dogs.

The dog is the sole domesticated member of the canine group, although occasionally individuals may choose to keep a wolf, fox, or coyote as a pet.

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The entire dog family traces its roots back to a wolf-like creature that existed approximately 15 million years ago. Over time, this ancestor evolved into the various breeds of dogs we know today. However, the specific predecessor of our modern domesticated dogs remains unknown.

There are certain wild dogs, such as the dingo in Australia, that closely resemble and act like domesticated dogs. It is speculated that the dingo may have originally been a tamed dog brought to Australia many years ago, but eventually became feral.

Dogs were domesticated by humans around 20,000 years ago, making them the first animals to be tamed. They were brought from Asia to the New World over 5,000 years ago. Initially, dogs were primarily used for hunting purposes.

1. Identify the antonyms of these words in the aforementioned text.

(ii) Dogs were among the first animals to be domesticated by humans. The other animals that have been tamed by humans include various species.

(iii) The term “The New World” refers to a different place or region.

Dogs were the initial creatures domesticated by humans. Humans have also tamed other animals such as cats, horses, elephants, cows, goats, buffaloes, donkeys and more.

Question 1. You may have come across a similar story in another language. In your English class, divide yourselves into two groups and attempt to narrate the story in English. Take turns speaking from each group, with assistance from your teacher. While telling the story, one person can write it down on the board if desired.

A magician transformed a mouse into a girl who desired to marry the strongest individual. To determine strength, she questioned whether the sun or cloud was mightier and discovered that mountains were stronger than clouds. However, she then realized that mice were even stronger than mountains. In an unexpected twist, the girl requested to marry the mouse and subsequently transformed back into her original form as a mouse again.

How the dog discovered a new owner

The dog goes on a journey and eventually meets a big wolf. The wolf seems powerful and capable, so the dog asks him if he would be willing to become his master. The wolf agrees, seeing this as an opportunity to have someone serve him in return.

From that moment on, the dog becomes loyal to the wolf and serves him faithfully. He no longer has to worry about finding food or facing hardships alone because now he has someone strong by his side who takes care of everything.

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Who was his initial choice for a master?

In the beginning, the dog decided to make a wolf his master. However, he soon discovered that the wolf was fearful of bears. As a result, he decided to part ways with the wolf and seek out a new companion.

The initial owner of the dog and why he was abandoned

The dog left his previous master because he decided to choose the wolf as his new master. He made this choice because the wolf was afraid of a stronger bear, and the dog wanted to protect and serve the wolf instead.

What led the dog to ultimately select his owner?

The dog, after much contemplation, made a significant decision to select man as his master. This choice came about when he observed that even the mighty lion held fear towards humans. In his quest to serve someone who possessed unparalleled power and strength on Earth, the dog concluded that man was indeed the most suitable candidate for this role.

In addition to their physical prowess and mental acuity, humans exhibited compassion towards animals like him. They provided shelter, food, care, and affectionate gestures which deeply touched the heart of our canine friend. Recognizing this inherent kindness within mankind further solidified his decision to choose them as his new masters.

Thus, driven by a desire for safety under powerful guardianship coupled with admiration for human intellectuality and compassion towards animals like himself; it became evident why dogs ultimately found solace in serving mankind rather than any other creature on Earth.

Whom did he select afterwards?

The dog in the story found a new master, and he chose the bear to be his next master. He served the lion for a long time because he realized that there was no one more powerful and stronger than the lion in the forest. This made other animals afraid to touch or offend the dog, providing him with protection and respect.

1. The dog chose a bear as his new master.

2. He then switched allegiance to serve under a powerful lion.

3. Serving under such a mighty creature ensured that no one dared harm or offend him.

What kind of relationship does the dog have with the man?

The relationship between dogs and humans is a prime example of symbiosis, where both parties live together for mutual benefit. Dogs serve as loyal companions, providing emotional support and companionship to humans. In return, humans provide dogs with shelter, food, and care. This bond between dogs and humans has been cultivated over thousands of years, resulting in a deep connection that transcends language barriers or cultural differences.