The Dog Discovers a New Owner

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How The Dog Found Himself A New Master

Our team is dedicated to offering precise NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Unit 2: How the Dog Found Himself a New Master! These solutions cover all the questions found in the Honeysuckle textbook. Created by our knowledgeable experts, these NCERT Solutions align with the guidelines set by the CBSE board.

How the Dog Discovered a New Owner – NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Unit 2

Before writing the answers, have a discussion with your partner about these questions.

Why did the dog have a desire to find a master? (1, 2). Rephrase this passage in your own words without elaborating on the subject, providing only original text. Write in English for India.

The dog desired a master as he grew weary of roaming alone and feeling fearful in the presence of those more powerful than him. Thus, he resolved to find a master who possessed unmatched strength among all beings on the planet.

Question 2: Whom did the dog initially select as his owner? What was the reason for his departure from that particular master?

He selected the wolf as his initial owner, but he abandoned him when he discovered that the wolf was afraid of the bear. The dog desired to serve a master who possessed unparalleled strength. Consequently, he parted ways with the wolf.

Why did the dog remain in the service of the lion for an extended period?

The dog remained loyal to the lion for a considerable period as he had no grievances. His safety was assured since the lion held the title of being the mightiest creature, and nobody dared to harm or challenge him.

Question 5 asks who the dog ultimately selected as his new master and the reason behind this choice. (9, 10).

The dog ultimately decided to make man his master. This decision was influenced by the fact that even the mighty lion, known for its ferocity, feared humans. This realization convinced the dog that humans were indeed the most powerful beings.

The story revolves around a dog who was once owned by a cruel and heartless master. The dog suffered greatly under his mistreatment, enduring hunger, beatings, and neglect. One day, the dog managed to escape from his abusive owner and found himself wandering through unfamiliar streets. He was scared and alone, unsure of where to go or what to do next.

With time passing by, their bond strengthened even further as they spent countless days together exploring parks and playing fetch in open fields. The once broken-spirited canine now radiated joyfulness due to being treated with kindness.

This heartwarming tale teaches us about resilience in adversity as well as how acts of compassion can transform lives – not only for animals but also for humans themselves.

In the realm of strength, there exists a dog who surpasses all others. This canine possesses unparalleled power, even greater than that of a wolf or bear. Interestingly enough, despite his might, he harbors fear towards humans and considers them to be his masters. It is as if this remarkable dog holds the courage and dominance akin to that of a lion in the animal kingdom.

This is the tale of a dog who was once alone. He set out on a journey to find someone to call his master. At first, he encountered a timid wolf who feared humans. The dog believed that the bear would be his ideal companion but soon realized it was not meant to be. Eventually, he came across an individual who appeared to possess great strength and potential as his new master.

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He stayed with the lion for a long time. One day he realized that the lion was ———————––——————. To this day, the dog remains man’s best friend.

This is the tale of a dog who was once his own boss. He set out on a quest to discover a master more powerful than anyone else. Initially, he encountered a wolf, but the wolf feared the bear. The dog believed that the bear was indeed the mightiest creature. Eventually, he crossed paths with a lion, who appeared to be the strongest being in existence.

The dog spent a considerable amount of time in the company of the lion. Eventually, he came to the realization that the lion had a fear towards humans. From that day onwards, it has been established that dogs are loyal companions to mankind.

A. Each word in the box given below indicates a large number of

For example, ‘a herd of cows’ refers to many cows.

Complete each of the following phrases with a suitable word from the box.

School, fleet, brood, bundle, bunch, pack, flock and herd are all different collective nouns used to describe groups of animals.

The dog was once a wild creature, roaming freely without any attachment or loyalty to anyone. However, fate had other plans for him. One day, as he wandered through the streets in search of food, he stumbled upon a kind-hearted human who took pity on him and decided to give him a home.

This new master showed the dog love and affection, providing him with shelter, food, and care. The dog quickly realized that he had found his place in the world – a sense of belonging that he had never experienced before.

Together they formed an unbreakable partnership – one built on trust, companionship, and mutual respect. They shared countless moments of happiness together – going for walks in the park or simply curling up beside each other at night.

There are six instances that can be seen in a horizontal direction, while the remaining six can be observed vertically.

All of these words are adjectives that describe positive emotions or states.

D. Read the following passage and do the exercises that follow. Then complete the family tree of dogs given on the facing page.

The dog family is a part of the Carnivores, which is a group of intelligent animals that eat meat and have backbones. This group includes various animals like bears, pandas, raccoons, cats, hyenas, and seals. Within the dog or canine family, there are several wild species such as wolves, foxes, coyotes, jackals, and wild dogs.

The dog is the sole domesticated member of the canine family, although occasionally individuals choose to domesticate a wolf, fox, or coyote as a companion.

The entire dog family traces its origins back to a wolf-like creature that existed approximately 15 million years ago. Over time, these early canines evolved into the dogs we know today. However, the specific ancestor of our modern domesticated dogs remains unknown.

There are certain wild dogs that bear resemblance to domesticated dogs in appearance and behavior. The dingo, also known as the wild dog of Australia, falls into this category. It is speculated that the dingo may have originated from a previously tamed dog brought to Australia many years ago, which eventually became feral.

Dogs were the initial creatures domesticated by humans, approximately 20,000 years ago. People brought tamed dogs from Asia to the New World over 5,000 years in the past. Initially, dogs were utilized for hunting purposes.

1. Discover the antonyms of these words in the aforementioned text.

(ii) Dogs were among the first animals domesticated by humans. The other creatures that have been tamed by humans include various species of livestock and working animals.

(iii) The New World refers to the unexplored and unfamiliar territories that were discovered during the Age of Exploration.

Dogs were the initial creatures domesticated by humans. Humans have also tamed other animals such as cats, horses, elephants, cows, goats, buffaloes, and donkeys.

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Question 1: You may be familiar with a story in another language, and here are some key points from that story. In your English class, divide yourselves into two groups and take turns telling the story in English. One person from each group can speak alternatively while one of you writes it down on the board. Your teacher will assist you during this activity.

A magician transformed a mouse into a girl who desired to marry the most powerful person. She questioned whether the sun or clouds were stronger, but discovered that mountains were mightier than clouds. Surprisingly, she realized that she herself was even stronger than the mountain. In an unexpected turn of events, the girl asked to marry the mouse once again and was subsequently transformed back into her original form.

How the dog found himself a master short summary?

Once upon a time, there was a dog who was tired of always having to search for food. Every day, he had to scavenge and hunt just to fill his belly. He grew weary of this constant struggle and wanted an easier life. So, the dog made up his mind that he would find a stronger animal to serve as his master.

One fine day, while wandering through the forest, the dog came across a big and powerful wolf. The wolf commanded respect with its strong presence and fierce demeanor. Seeing this mighty creature gave the dog an idea – if he could become the loyal servant of such a dominant animal, all his problems would be solved.

How The Dog Discovered His New Owner

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How did the dog discover a moral and find a new master?

In this tale, the dog initially roams aimlessly in search of someone who can provide him with shelter, food, and companionship. After encountering various animals who reject his plea for help, he stumbles upon a kind-hearted man who takes him in. Grateful for finding such an opportunity, the dog realizes that it is now his duty to serve his newfound master faithfully.

From that moment on, the dog becomes an obedient servant to his master. He diligently performs tasks assigned to him without any complaints or expectations in return. Whether it is guarding their home or fetching things for his master, the loyal canine does everything with utmost dedication and sincerity.

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Which person did the dog initially select as its owner?

The dog initially selected a wolf as his owner. However, he soon discovered that the wolf was fearful of the bear. This fear caused him to reconsider his decision and ultimately led him to part ways with the wolf.

Feeling unsettled by this experience, the dog embarked on a journey in search of a new master. He roamed through forests and across vast landscapes, encountering various animals along the way. Despite his encounters, none seemed suitable or worthy enough for him to pledge loyalty.

Has the dog ultimately discovered a owner?

Once upon a time, there was a dog who found himself in search of a new master. He had grown tired of wandering alone and yearned for companionship. The dog had observed the various creatures in the animal kingdom, but none seemed suitable to be his master. Even the mighty lion, known for its strength and power, cowered in fear at the sight of humans. This intrigued the dog as he desired someone who was stronger than anyone else on Earth.

Driven by curiosity and longing for connection with beings superior to all others around him, the dog embarked on a journey to find these extraordinary creatures called humans. Along his path through bustling villages and serene countryside landscapes alike, he encountered people from different walks of life – farmers tending their fields with unwavering dedication; artisans crafting intricate works of art; scholars engrossed in deep intellectual pursuits.

As he observed their actions closely while keeping his distance initially cautious yet hopeful – something became clear to him: despite their flaws and imperfections like any other creature on this planet possesses- humans possessed an unparalleled ability to adapt and overcome challenges using their intelligence.

P.S: Let us remember the importance of treating our furry friends with love and respect. They have chosen us as their masters; it is now our responsibility to be worthy of their trust and companionship.

In what way did the dog assist its owner?

As word spread about the miraculous dog and his golden discoveries, people from far and wide came to witness this incredible phenomenon for themselves. The old couple became famous throughout the land for their newfound prosperity. They used their wealth wisely and decided to invest in a piece of land where they could build a comfortable home.

One day, as they settled into their new abode surrounded by lush greenery, an unexpected event occurred. The withered tree in their backyard suddenly sprouted beautiful blossoms after being sprinkled with ashes collected by the dog during one of his adventures. This magical transformation caught the attention of a daimio passing through town.

Impressed by what he saw, the daimio approached the old couple and offered them great rewards for possessing such mystical powers. He recognized that these simple individuals possessed something truly special – an ability to bring life back even to that which seemed beyond repair.

How the dog found himself a new master author name?

The origin of the story “How The Dog Found Himself A New Master” remains unknown, but it is included in the NCERT book. This captivating tale revolves around a dog who grew tired of wandering aimlessly in search of sustenance and a safe haven. Instead, he yearned to serve the mightiest master on Earth.

Undeterred by disappointment or setbacks along the way, the dog perseveres in his pursuit until one fateful day when he stumbles upon an unexpected encounter. It is during this encounter that he finally discovers what he has been searching for all along – not just physical strength but also emotional fortitude and compassion.

As fate would have it, our four-legged hero finds himself face-to-face with a humble yet remarkable individual whose inner strength shines through their actions rather than physical prowess alone. In this momentous meeting between man and beast, both discover a profound connection based on mutual understanding and respect.