How Does He Treat the Dog: A Closer Look at His Canine Care

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How Does He Treat The Dog

He treats the dog as he would any other dog . He makes a bed for Tricki in a warm loose box and keeps it next to the other dogs so that they might get friendly. For two days he gave Tricki plenty of water but no food. This was so that Tricki could build up an appetite instead of staying overfed. 9 Jan 2020

Consider His Treatment of the Dog

What is your perception of the narrator, who happens to be a veterinarian? Do you consider him to possess both tact and practicality?

Ans: The narrator was a very tactful person. He knew Mrs. Pumphrey was rich and hence would be ready to pay and do anything for her beloved dog. He immediately understood that Tricki didn’t require any medical care. He was just overfed by his mistress, which led him to be lazy and gain a lot of weight. He took the dog to the surgery and with simple and basic care techniques cured him within two weeks. He also surfeited upon the stuff that Mrs. Pumphrey sent for the dog, which was quite unethical as a professional.

2. Was Tricki glad to return home? What do you anticipate will occur next?

Ans: Tricki was successfully treated and well taken care of by the surgery staff. Mrs. Pumphrey was happy with the results too when she met her dog in a healthy state after he returned. He was happy to go back home, and he jumped on Mrs. Pumphrey and licked her face. But I believe his state will not last long since he has returned home, and Mrs. Pumphrey will feed him lots of food again. Lack of exercise will lead to him gaining lots of weight again. Mrs. Pumphrey’s excessive love and care might end him back into surgery again in no time.

Is this a true story or just made up? Or could it be a combination of both?

The narrative blends elements of reality and fiction, depicting characters like Mrs. Pumphrey who indulge in extravagant spending on their pets. She adored spoiling her dog and unintentionally caused him health problems by overfeeding him. As a result, the poor pup resembled an inflated sausage. While she did show excessive care for her pet, the part about sending wine and brandy to the dog can be considered fictional.

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Discussing His Treatment of the Dog

This particular incident showcases the foolish actions of a wealthy lady who excessively spoils her pet, possibly due to her own loneliness. Do you believe that individuals like this are simply being silly, or could their behavior potentially harm others?

Ans: Mrs. Pumphrey was a rich lady who was highly indulgent. She spent more than required on her dog and fed him with brandy, wine, and chocolates, edibles considered harmful to the dog’s health. Her love for her dog was genuine but it ended him being overweight and sick. She was not aware of the repercussions her actions were born just to satisfy her indulgent heart. Her actions caused a lot of bodily harm to the dog.

2. Are there other parents similar to Mrs. Pumphrey?

Ans: Yes, there are a few parents like Mrs. Pumphrey out there. She overindulged her pet dog. She got him a whole rack of tweed coats, separate bowls, and fed him cod-liver oil and chocolates. Her overindulgence was not good for the dog, and he ended up gaining more than the required healthy weight which restricted his movement and he ended up requiring medical help.

(i) an individual employed by Mrs. Pumphrey in her residence.

Ans: It would be disturbing, as a member of the staff in Mrs. Pumphrey’s household, to see the dog suffer so much because of her indulgences. I would have tried to stop her and explain to her my motives and how it was declining the dog’s health.

(ii) How would your life have been different if he treated the dog as a neighbor? What impact would it have had on your overall well-being and daily experiences?

As a neighbor, I believe it is not appropriate for me to intrude into her personal affairs. However, witnessing the innocent animal endure pain due to her foolish behavior and carelessness would have been truly distressing.

4. What would you have done if you were in the narrator’s place?

Ans: I believe I would have done the same as what the narrator did. It was high time, seeing Tricki’s deteriorating health, that Mrs. Pumphrey either changed her ways or consulted a medical expert. He grew like a bloated sausage and wasn’t able to eat anything. Even though it was rude, I believe the narrator did the right job.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 1 – A Triumph of Surgery

The initial section of the NCERT Class 10th English Textbook Footprints Without Feet is titled “A triumph of Surgery” and it was authored by James Alfred Wight, also known as James Herriot. This chapter revolves around Mrs. Pumphrey and her dog named Tricky. It narrates the tale of a veterinarian who successfully treated an overweight dog through a deceptive surgical procedure.

Mrs. Pumphrey, who is a rich woman always overfeeds her dog as she is very fond of it and cannot refuse when the dog asks for more food. Once when she took her dog for a walk a veterinary doctor was shocked to see a dog as obese as Tricky and suggested Mrs. Pumphrey put him on a diet for the dog’s own wellbeing. However, as Mrs. Pumphrey couldn’t resist giving food to the dog when he asked for more, the dog’s condition worsened, and soon fell sick.

Mrs. Pumphrey took the dog to the doctor and the doctor told Mrs. Pumphrey that her dog needed surgery and had to stay at the hospital for a few days. The dog stayed on the bed for the first three days and later on became slightly active as it had to move out of the bed or else stay hungry. Tricky had to fight with other dogs to get food and so he had to do more exercise and had much lesser food.

After a quick recovery, the dog was returned to Mrs. Pumphrey, who attributed its healing to the miracle of surgery. This amusing chapter highlights the excessive doting and spoiling of pets by their owners, illustrating how it can have disastrous consequences. The NCERT Solutions Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 1 A Triumph of Surgery PDF on Vedantu provides answers to all the exercises in this chapter.

Latest Syllabus of Class 10th English: NCERT Solutions in Accordance with the Curriculum

The English Syllabus for Class 10th in India is divided into two main parts: English Communicative and English Language and Literature. These two sections combined make up approximately 80 marks out of a total of 100. The remaining 20 marks are assigned to a viva conducted prior to the board examination.

Footprints Without Feet is one of the NCERT textbooks prescribed by CBSE for Class 10 English. The book has a total of 10 chapters, which are as follows.

  • Chapter 2 – The Thief’s Story
  • Chapter 3 – The Midnight Visitor
  • Chapter 4 – A Question of Trust
  • Chapter 5 – Footprints without Feet
  • Chapter 6 – The Making of a Scientist
  • Chapter 7 – The Necklace
  • Chapter 8 – The Hack Driver
  • Chapter 9 – Bholi
  • Chapter 10 – The Book That Saved the Earth
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CBSE also prescribes First Flight, NCERT’s other book for Class 10 English. This textbook comprises a total of 11 chapters. A Letter to God, Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Two Stories about Flying, From the Diary of Anne Frank, The Hundred Dresses–I, The Hundred Dresses–II, Glimpses of India, Mijbil the Otter, Madam Rides the Bus, The Sermon at Benares and The Proposal are the chapters covered in the book. The First Flight is the main reader for Class 10 English and Footprints Without Feet is the supplementary reader.

How Does He Interact with the Canine Companion?

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How does the doctor treat Tricki?

Through this process, Dr. Herriot sought to instill discipline and moderation in Tricki by teaching him that his insatiable appetite would not be immediately satisfied at all times. By withholding food but ensuring access to water, he aimed to strike a balance between addressing the issue at hand while still meeting basic needs.

What was given to the dog by the doctor?

The doctor refrained from providing any food to Tricki, but ensured he had an ample supply of water for two days. After this period, the dog began displaying curiosity towards his environment. On the third day, the doctor observed Tricki engaging in play with other dogs; however, he still showed no interest in consuming food.


– The doctor withheld food from Tricki.

– He provided plenty of water for two days.

– Tricki started showing interest in his surroundings.

– On the third day, Tricki played with other dogs.

– Despite this interaction, he did not display any interest in eating.

What caused the initial lack of interest in tricky among the household dogs?

The household dogs showed little interest in Tricki, finding him dull and unexciting. Despite being a small dog, Tricki was pampered by his mistress who showered him with affection and attention. However, this excessive love manifested itself in the form of overfeeding.